Program Information

Gain valuable experience with paid international teaching opportunities in Beijing, China.

Our program offers paid international teaching opportunities for qualified teachers with two-years minimum teaching experience and recent graduates of the two-year Teach For America program. Find out more about the Teacher Requirements by clicking here.

Benefits Include:

  • $2,095 – $3,225 Monthly Salary
  • One of the highest paid teaching positions in China
  • Free Round Trip Airfare to China
  • Free Housing in an Apartment only 10-minute walk from school
  • Subsidized, on-campus food
  • 24-hour security around school and apartments
  • Mandarin Chinese course in school
  • Travel China opportunities
  • Advancement positions available
  • Low cost local hospital
  • Injury Insurance
  • Chance to learn Chinese culture
  • Opportunity to save money and pay off debt

Apply online to be accepted into one of Beijing’s most prestigious international schools, Beijing Royal School, for a 1-3 years full-time paid teaching position, with subjects including: ESL, Physics, Math, Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, Computer Science, Art History, English & Literature, and many others! Please click here for a complete list.

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