Teacher Requirements

Application Priority given to Teach for America Graduates!

To Receive Salary Quote and Interview Schedule within 24 hours, Applicants Must Meet ONE of the following:

  1. Have five years minimum teaching experience
  2. Have a Masters or PhD degree in their teaching field
  3. Be graduates of the Teach for America program

If you don’t meet any of the above qualifications, there are still positions available for you! Apply today!

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Teach 20-25 periods of class per week
  2. Work as part of a team to discuss student progress and develop teaching plans
  3. Create your own curriculum and integrate classroom resources creatively
  4. Advancement opportunities available!

Other Teacher Requirements:

  1. Minimum two years full-time teaching experience
  2. Bachelor degree or above
  3. Teach for America graduates are preferred but not required
  4. Teachers must be flexible and willing to teach English courses in addition to their subject area
  5. B.A./B.S. major in the subject of teaching interest is preferred
  6. Excellent spoken and written English
  7. Native English speakers and applicants with Chinese language ability and/or experience working abroad are highly desirable but not required
  8. Experience in teaching English as second language students is preferred
  9. Teaching experience with SAT, AP, and TOEFL tests is preferred but not required
  10. Open to learning new education techniques such as using mobile devices for curriculum and student interactive learning
  11. Willing to adapt to a new environment and unexpected circumstances
  12. Excited about traveling and meeting diverse people
  13. Eager to learn more about China, Chinese education, and Chinese students

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