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School Information

Where is the school located?


Beijing Royal School is located in the Changping District in Beijing, China. It is conveniently located nearby public transportation, dining, and shopping. BRS is a 10-minute taxi cab ride from the nearest subway and a 15-minute taxi cab from the nearest mall. Once on the subway, it is 30 minutes to the center of town and one-hour to the Beijing South Train Station.

What grade levels are taught at BRS?


Grades include: Kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school.

What grade levels will I teach?


We place teachers in classes they are most comfortable teaching, when possible. Your class may also be selected on teacher demand at that time. Most of our teachers are able to teach the grades they would like, but many times they may be asked to teach different grades and different subjects. At BRS, it’s not just teaching English. It’s teaching what you love.

What's a school day schedule?


School schedules in China range from 8:00am – 9:30pm, with each class period lasting one hour. You will be responsible for teaching between 15-20 class periods per week. The school day schedule is different than in the United States. U.S. teachers have a classroom that students filter in and out of all day. In China, students have a classroom that teachers filter in and out of all day. Thus, although the day in China seems long, you are not working all day and have more time to plan your classes and work with other teachers in your subject than in the United States. Plus, overtime payment is available for teachers seeking to work more than their contracted class hours.

Will lesson plans be provided?


Classroom materials, including books and other material, will be available. But you will be responsible for creating your lesson plans based on the provided curriculum.

What materials/tools will I use?


Each classroom is outfitted with a whiteboard (some classrooms include smart boards) as well as a projector and computer for multimedia presentations.

Will I have a translator?


Each class is provided with 1-3 teaching assistants, responsible for helping with classroom activities and translation, when needed.

Application Process

Can I mail my application?


No. All applications must be completed with our online application.

How long does it take to approve applications?


Please allow several weeks for processing. Expect an application confirmation within a week after sending in your application. Then, you will be put into a line of teachers waiting to be interviewed by the school. If you pass the interview, the school will issue you a contract. Depending on the time of the school year and how many other teachers are in line, the entire process can take 2-6 weeks. If for some reason you need an answer sooner, please communicate that with the Meiguo Education associate that emails you after receiving your application.

Can I revise my application once submitted?


Once submitted, your application cannot be revised unless revisions are sent via email. Please ensure your application is complete with current information prior to submission.

Is my information secure?


Your information is secure through our encrypted SSL site connection. None of your information will be sold to 3rd parties and is only used during the teacher application process.

Can I apply with a friend/colleague?


Absolutely! Please include in the “notes” section of our online application who else has used our online application to apply and we will do our best to match you with these applicants.

Travel Information

How long is the flight to China?


Most flights leave from major airport hubs, including LAX and SeaTAC airport. Typical flight times are between 10-14 hours.

Are my travel expenses paid for?


Yes. Each teacher receives one free roundtrip ticket to Beijing, China.

What should I pack?


Travel light – as most common items in the United States are available for purchase at shopping centers in China. If you would like a detailed packing list, you may request it from the Meiguo Academies associate working on your application.

What happens when I arrive in China?


Upon arrival at the airport, you will be greeted by waiting school staff and personally escorted back to the school to see where you will be living. The school will communicate with you regarding your schedule and someone will show you where your office is. Tours of the entire school are available upon request of the school staff.

Can I reschedule my ticket once booked?


Once booked, flights are non-transferrable and all rescheduling fees must be paid by the teacher in order to change booking.


What is my salary?


Teaching salaries range between $2,250 – $3,500 USD per month depending on qualifications and experience. Teachers receive paid vacation time, options for overtime, and the opportunity to earn more during the summer holiday.

What housing is provided?


Foreign (US Teachers) teachers reside in free housing located on school premises. Typical arrangements include 1-3 bedroom apartments located a short walk from the school. Teachers have their own bedroom and share the apartment. The shared space of the apartment includes couches, chairs, television, refrigerator, and microwave. Some apartments include a stove. Arrangements can be made to make the living more comfortable for you upon request. Teachers also have the option to receive a “living stipend” and find their own housing off-campus. This is not recommended for teachers who have never been to China before.

How much does food cost?


Food in China is incredibly affordable! Three meals are available in the school cafeteria for around $1.50 USD per meal. There are also local restaurants, markets, and shops located close to the school. Farmers sell fresh fruit and vegetables in front of the school every week.

What is the conversion rate from RMB to USD?


Conversion rates change on a frequent basis. As of January 2014, average RMB/USD conversion is 6.09 RMB to 1 USD. In September 2012, the conversion was almost 6.4 RMB to 1 USD. Since you are paid based on an RMB scale and if the RMB continues to get stronger, your wage may increase in USD value over time.

Will I have paid holidays?


Yes, paid holidays are included for all foreign teachers.

Will I be able to travel in the country?


In addition to school outings, you are encouraged and assisted to travel and see the country.

Teacher Qualifications

How many years of experience do you require?


Chinese law requires a minimum of 2-years teaching experience.

I am a new 2-year Teach For America graduate, am I qualified?


Yes. New graduates of TFA are qualified and encouraged to apply for our program.

What are degree requirements?


A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required to teach at the Beijing Royal School.